Not For The Meek, Or Faint Of Heart.

MiMaC stands for… Miss I Match I Clash: a hybrid brand of prints-on-prints, African textiles, and daringly sleek silhouettes. The apparel is a plethora of energies that make menswear simple, yet complex. To sum it up, one would say… Loud. Structural. Breathable. Simplistic Designs. Multi-Functional WITHOUT Trying. Two-In-One. Versatile. Loose-Fitted, But CLEAN. Easy. Bold. Lines. African. Casual. Comfort. Luxury. & last but definitely not least… Vegan.

MiMaC’s consumer is constantly seeking something outside of the norm. They are… Connoisseurs. Collectors of One Piece Visions. Enjoys Prints–Both Loud & Muted. Travelers. Nomadic. Cultured. Fashion Savvy. One-of-a-Kind. Strong. Brave. Active. Proud. Aware. Eco-Conscious. Cruelty Free. Rappers. Artists. Celebrities. Dancers. Models. Stylists. Athletes. Alternative Thinkers & Individuals. Adventurous & Wildly Independent. They are the Trend Setting Go-Getters. They are who you MiMaC.

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There's a MiMaC Hoodie for everyone.